No particular place to go.

So my week has been basically all over the place. I find myself with little time, so it means I want to do as many different things as possible. I actually went and played a little Star Wars: The Old Republic one night this week. I hadn’t ventured there for well over 3 weeks or so. I listen to SWTOR podcasts during my week at work, along with WoW and other gaming podcasts. They all have the same effect and bring about a yearning to play those games.

As far as SWTOR goes, I spent some time leveling my Jedi Sentinel and chatted with some of my buddies. I enjoyed the time but it was nothing spectacular. They have a patch coming up in the future, patch 1.3. I don’t know if they will get it up and running before my next subscription period runs out, so not sure I’ll get to see it. I really believe I’m gonna drop my sub to SWTOR, simply because I can’t really afford to keep 2 monthly subbed MMOs going and I am still in the contract with WoW for the year. Besides, at this time, I still love Wow more than SWTOR. SWTOR in my opinion needs to do some major changes (some of which are being addressed in 1.3) and they need to make them rather quickly. Other big games are coming out soon and some others are making big changes. There is quite a bit of competition out there, so SWTOR needs to step up if they are gonna keep from having to go free to play.

I also spent some time on my PS3 this week. I played some Skyrim, a game I really love. I also actually played a little DC Universe Online, one I realized after playing for a while, still don’t really like. DC online just wasn’t made very well in my opinion. The interface and control really doesn’t work well. it’s hard for me to actually get around and enjoy the game overall. The premise for the game was great, it just wasn’t put together well. Now Skyrim on the other hand simply is phenomenal. I actually never played any of the older Elder Scroll games, so it seems I’ve missed out, but this game has got me hooked. The longevity of the playability of this game is incredible. I can see this being one of those games I’ll go back to time and time again.

Additionally, I of course, played some WoW this week. I have mostly been busy leveling my Tauren Pally on the Wrymrest Accord realm. I do most of my playing on WrA with my friends (when we are on at the same time) in the Mulgore Roughriders guild. My main currently is a Blood Elf Shadow Priest (Evilitis) but I have began to be bored with him. I’m really more of a mediocre player and I have never raided. I don’t really enjoying being told “you suck” or “do your job noob” or things like that. So raiding as never sounded greatly appealing, especially in LFR. Believe it or not, even though I’ve been playing for quite a long time, I still only have one level 85. This is why I leveling my Pally. He’s currently level 68 and just got his Cold weather flying tonight and I’m in Borean Tundra currently. I’m enjoying the Pally (his name is Eviltime) immensely more than my SP. Although, I have only tanked with him in a dungeon about 3 times. I am not a fan of pugs and I don’t see my guild mates often. I actually have been considering moving my Pally to a different guild, but not sure yet, don’t want to hurt my friends feelings. But anyway, still having fun in Wow, even though times are slow as we wait for MOP.


So that was my week. A fun-filled but busy extravaganza. As most weeks have been going, the saying still stands. So many games, too little time. Hope you all are enjoying your weeks and we’ll see ya on the blogs or maybe in one of those many, many games.



3 comments on “No particular place to go.

  1. Heya Evil! If you wanted to move your Pally to a different guild, we wouldn’t be angry, or think badly of you. Sure, we may miss ya and miss seeing you on the guild list…but we wouldn’t be angry. besides, we can always keep in touch with the Real ID stuff. Just don’t abandon is with all your alts! We’d miss ya to much!


    • Heya Min,
      Glad to hear it. I just consider you guys great friends and simply didn’t want to upset anyone. I move my pally to another guild but plan on keeping my main and other alts there for now anyway. i will never completely abandon you guys and like you said there is always Real ID. I would have talked to you in game but I haven’t seen you guys in awhile. Take care and see you around game.


  2. Ah, Wyrmrest. I’ve got a friend over there who’s in the Bards of Azeroth.

    I keep meaning to make a Tauren Pally, but haven’t gotten around to it. If WoW would restore some of the class quests, it might make playing a Sunwalker more compelling, but I don’t think it’s quite there yet.

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