No particular place to go.

So my week has been basically all over the place. I find myself with little time, so it means I want to do as many different things as possible. I actually went and played a little Star Wars: The Old Republic one night this week. I hadn’t ventured there for well over 3 weeks or so. I listen to SWTOR podcasts during my week at work, along with WoW and other gaming podcasts. They all have the same effect and bring about a yearning to play those games.

As far as SWTOR goes, I spent some time leveling my Jedi Sentinel and chatted with some of my buddies. I enjoyed the time but it was nothing spectacular. They have a patch coming up in the future, patch 1.3. I don’t know if they will get it up and running before my next subscription period runs out, so not sure I’ll get to see it. I really believe I’m gonna drop my sub to SWTOR, simply because I can’t really afford to keep 2 monthly subbed MMOs going and I am still in the contract with WoW for the year. Besides, at this time, I still love Wow more than SWTOR. SWTOR in my opinion needs to do some major changes (some of which are being addressed in 1.3) and they need to make them rather quickly. Other big games are coming out soon and some others are making big changes. There is quite a bit of competition out there, so SWTOR needs to step up if they are gonna keep from having to go free to play.

I also spent some time on my PS3 this week. I played some Skyrim, a game I really love. I also actually played a little DC Universe Online, one I realized after playing for a while, still don’t really like. DC online just wasn’t made very well in my opinion. The interface and control really doesn’t work well. it’s hard for me to actually get around and enjoy the game overall. The premise for the game was great, it just wasn’t put together well. Now Skyrim on the other hand simply is phenomenal. I actually never played any of the older Elder Scroll games, so it seems I’ve missed out, but this game has got me hooked. The longevity of the playability of this game is incredible. I can see this being one of those games I’ll go back to time and time again.

Additionally, I of course, played some WoW this week. I have mostly been busy leveling my Tauren Pally on the Wrymrest Accord realm. I do most of my playing on WrA with my friends (when we are on at the same time) in the Mulgore Roughriders guild. My main currently is a Blood Elf Shadow Priest (Evilitis) but I have began to be bored with him. I’m really more of a mediocre player and I have never raided. I don’t really enjoying being told “you suck” or “do your job noob” or things like that. So raiding as never sounded greatly appealing, especially in LFR. Believe it or not, even though I’ve been playing for quite a long time, I still only have one level 85. This is why I leveling my Pally. He’s currently level 68 and just got his Cold weather flying tonight and I’m in Borean Tundra currently. I’m enjoying the Pally (his name is Eviltime) immensely more than my SP. Although, I have only tanked with him in a dungeon about 3 times. I am not a fan of pugs and I don’t see my guild mates often. I actually have been considering moving my Pally to a different guild, but not sure yet, don’t want to hurt my friends feelings. But anyway, still having fun in Wow, even though times are slow as we wait for MOP.


So that was my week. A fun-filled but busy extravaganza. As most weeks have been going, the saying still stands. So many games, too little time. Hope you all are enjoying your weeks and we’ll see ya on the blogs or maybe in one of those many, many games.



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The results are in!

So after a very close vote the Nays have it. As you can see by the new title to the blog, things have gotten a little spaced out. The people have spoken, and unlike most governments these days, I’m going to do what the people asked for. So the name remains the same, just made a little easier to decipher.

I want to thank everyone who took the time to vote and also thank the new followers to my blog. I realize that my first few posts have gotten a little off track to my original intent for this blog but I hope to change that with my next post.

Once again, thanks for your participation and I look forward to conversing with some of you in the future.



Saturday isn’t Saturday anymore!

I awoke to the sound of my alarm yesterday and was reminded of a feeling I haven’t had in years. I was feeling like the 8-year-old little boy who would wake up on Saturday morning, jump out of bed in his footed pajamas, and head straight to the tv for his favorite Saturday morning cartoons. Then sadly, present day reality slammed me back to earth as I realized I needed to get ready for work.

I find it disheartening that television has lost that Saturday morning ritual. Just about as disheartening as me  having to work on Saturdays to make a living. Now though, with television networks that are dedicated to a lineup of 24 hour a day cartoons, I guess there is no need for that Saturday crack of dawn custom. It seems to take away from the specialness of the cartoons. Now , not to sound like the old-timer with his “I use to walk to school 10 miles uphill both ways in snow up to my butt” story’s, but just to give you an idea of how things have changed.

When I was a young boy there weren’t 500 channels on the tv to watch, there was 1. So cartoon watching was a rare thing. Usually, I would come home from school and there would be an hour of cartoons, like maybe Popeye and Tom and Jerry, or maybe Bugs Bunny and Friends. Also,remember, when I was 8, there were no video games. I think Pong might have existed, but none of us could afford something like that back then. There also were no home computers and the internet was just an infant and few people even knew about it. So this made Saturday mornings even that much more prized. They would play cartoons from 6am to noon meaning 6 hours of pure enjoyment.  A very precious time that still brings a smile to my face when I think of it.

The current generations have very little of an understanding of how such small things as Saturday morning cartoons were so valuable. If you are one of those younger generation, just try to hold on to your memories of being young. Because life will quickly move on, and before you know it,  you’ve grown up and are working Saturdays to keep your family fed. The future has hit, everything has changed, and you might wake up one morning to realize I miss it.


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Hats off!!!

I just wanted to post a quick HATS OFF to Diablo 3. Even though the launch was slightly rough, and some people were upset and such, this still was the kickoff of a great game. I have found myself quite easily immersed into the Diablo world and immensely enjoying it.

The game has been providing me with much pleasure and something that truly has brought me even more enjoyment is the humor. The little digs and funny moments in the game make it that much more entertaining for me. Things like the guy’s wife, who is actually deceased and when her head falls off and the guy says, Oh dear, she’s nodded off. Another the moment when Leah is telling the Templar that she has heard of him before and heard he was pleasant but was a lousy tipper and the Templar quickly saying we should move along faster. Just humorous moments that have brought some extra entertainment to the game.

Overall, this game is great. Great interface, awesome graphics,  a storyline that pulls you in and game play that keeps you coming back for more. I am certainly glad that I have entered into the Diablo 3 universe.


Oh, just a quick side note. The vote for the title of my blog is still ongoing and it’s a tight race. So put in your 2 cents and vote. You will find the poll in the post “What’s in a name”. Thanks.


What’s in a name?

So I was listening to one of favorite podcasts today, the Twisted Nether Blogcast. I was enjoying the show as usual. They were interviewing a unique and very interesting guest and fellow blogger/gamer, Tome from the blog Tome of the Ancient. A very good blog and one I would suggest everyone go check out.

Later in the podcast they were listing the new blogs which were posted on Blog Azeroth. I waited with great anticipation as I knew my blog had been added this week. It came time for mine to be named and the lovely Hydra began to stumble and stammer and Fimlys quickly stepped in and tried to pronounce the name of my blog. After a little bit he managed to sound it out. I had to laugh but at the same time I felt a little embarrassed.It got me contemplating the life of mt title and rather I should end it.

Now, understand how this title got started. First of all, remember one important factor, I’m a NOOB to blogging and to WordPress. When I first signed up and started the blog, it has me enter the name of the blog as it would appear in a webpage format. The next line was the line I should have spaced the words in the title out in, but not thinking, I thought it had to be the same way I had typed it for the webpage. (doh!) (Facepalm). Now, although I’m giving you an excuse, I’m not trying to excuse my idiocy.

So here I am stuck with a name that is hard for people to decipher and pronounce. Although, Fimlys said it enough times on the podcast to help a few people remember. I’m now stuck in a predicament. So I present the question to my blog readers…..

Should I keep the title? -or- Should I scrap the blog and start over?

So tell me what ya think, after all, the life of thenotsonewnoob podcast depends on it.

The Vote is Complete, thank you for participating.





I wanted to touch on the conception of the not so new noob idea.  The idea first came to my mind when I rejoined the World of Warcraft community after a 2 year hiatus. As I stated in my first post of this blog, I started my adventure in WoW back during the Burning Crusade expansion. I climbed my way, ever so slowly and casually, to level 70. I had finally reached level 70 when they released the next expansion, Wrath of the Lich King. In that expansion the top-level you could acquire was raised to level 80, if i recall right. I just know that I was very upset and disappointed that I had finally, after quite some time, reached the pinnacle of level 70 and now they were raising it. I couldn’t even have time to enjoy being one of the upper echelon and enjoy the perks of being the top grade. It actually bothered me to the point I decided to quit WoW for a while. Speaking to a friend of mine on Twitter , Jason Etheridge of The Ootinicast podcast, I was reminded of another reason why I left WoW.   At the time,  it actually was a good move for me financially too. Some people might consider $15 a month an inconsequential amount of money, but sometimes, for some people, it can make quite a difference.

When I finally decided to come back to Wow, it was soon after the release of the 3rd expansion Cataclysm. I actually  was quite excited when I seen all the new changes and what had become of the world I had spent so many days, so many hours and spent so much gold in. I still find times during playing the game where I’ll be taken aback by something that has changed or is even gone completely. Soon I realized also, how much the playing of the game had changed. This is when I started experiencing that unsure, hesitant feeling of being a noob once again. Thus, this is where my first thoughts of the not so new noob began.

One of the ideas I came up with to help acclimate me back into the game was to start listening to WoW podcasts.  I Googled a few different ones and also found a great list via Wow Insider through the WoW Weekly podcast roundup. While listening and learning from some of great podcasts out there, I noticed quite a few of the podcasts had blogs or came from blogs. Now, I’m no spring chicken, but I’ve been involved with computers and the internet since way back when. I was aware of the world of blogs, but I really have never been much of a reader and had not spent much time experiencing the blogging universe. With my introduction to podcasts, this would change.

Recently I was listening to one of my favorite WoW podcast The Twisted Nether Blogcast. The hosts, Fimlys and Hydra, were interviewing a guest named Redbeard about his blog Parallel Context. The interview, in fact the whole show, was very interesting. It got me to thinking about my own thoughts about things and gave me the drive to start my own blog.While thinking of ideas for my own blog again the concept of the not so new noob came to mind. So this is where we are and so it begins.



In the Beginning…

So this is how it starts. My first step into a new and interesting realm. Seems not long ago, or I guess it was a few years, that I first opened the box with excited anticipation. I began my journey into the land of Azeroth,  back in the early days of the Burning Crusade expansion. I had lost my MMO virginity a year or so before that,  to Guild Wars, but this I could sense from the start was going to be different. 

   You can maybe sense from the title of my blog that I have been a pretty “casual” player. I put that word in quotes simply because I see it and hear it used with several varying definitions. My definition is basically,  being able to play whenever real life allows me to. Which in reality, isn’t a lot by my standards , although my wife might see it differently.  I work 2 jobs currently and it leaves me with short periods of play time, but I enjoy it while I can.

  I started this blog to give my thoughts, knowledge and hopefully wisdom to others about being a “casual” player and playing World of Warcraft.  Also to vent about issues or problems I see or hear.

So to begin, I would like to touch on the word “noob”.  For any non-gamers or people who may have never heard the word, it is defined quite simply. A Noob is a new player to a game, especially MMO’s .(Massively Multiplayer Online gaming) In most cases it is viewed as a negative word, meant to make a person feel inferior, unlearned,  unknowledgeable about the game and how it works. I and many ,many others view the word a little differently. We view it as a word that simply means you are new to the game and need to learn how to play it, and with time and peoples help, you will learn.

Although I have played on and off for a few years and have done many aspects of the game, I still consider myself a “noob” in many ways. After all we learn something new every day. I hope i can help you , the reader, to understand how it feels to be a noob to me and can learn from my thoughts and opinions.

In closing, just remember one import thing. At one time, everyone who plays World of Warcraft, was a NOOB!



PS: This is my first venture into blogging, so please, be gentle with me. After all, I’m a noob.