What’s in a name?

So I was listening to one of favorite podcasts today, the Twisted Nether Blogcast. I was enjoying the show as usual. They were interviewing a unique and very interesting guest and fellow blogger/gamer, Tome from the blog Tome of the Ancient. A very good blog and one I would suggest everyone go check out.

Later in the podcast they were listing the new blogs which were posted on Blog Azeroth. I waited with great anticipation as I knew my blog had been added this week. It came time for mine to be named and the lovely Hydra began to stumble and stammer and Fimlys quickly stepped in and tried to pronounce the name of my blog. After a little bit he managed to sound it out. I had to laugh but at the same time I felt a little embarrassed.It got me contemplating the life of mt title and rather I should end it.

Now, understand how this title got started. First of all, remember one important factor, I’m a NOOB to blogging and to WordPress. When I first signed up and started the blog, it has me enter the name of the blog as it would appear in a webpage format. The next line was the line I should have spaced the words in the title out in, but not thinking, I thought it had to be the same way I had typed it for the webpage. (doh!) (Facepalm). Now, although I’m giving you an excuse, I’m not trying to excuse my idiocy.

So here I am stuck with a name that is hard for people to decipher and pronounce. Although, Fimlys said it enough times on the podcast to help a few people remember. I’m now stuck in a predicament. So I present the question to my blog readers…..

Should I keep the title? -or- Should I scrap the blog and start over?

So tell me what ya think, after all, the life of thenotsonewnoob podcast depends on it.

The Vote is Complete, thank you for participating.



6 comments on “What’s in a name?

  1. I’ll back them all up too. My title bikesbabesbytes got some interesting comments from Fim and Hydra that could have lead somewhere (that I hadn’t actually thought of) but I like don’t plan to change. Most people know me as Mabaho anyway (and ask a filipino what that means!)

  2. I concur with what the others have said. Hydra butchered my name when I was on the show, too. Think of it as a right of passage! I love her dearly, so I didn’t mind. If anything, it makes you stand out and gives people a reason to remember you.

    Or come up with a shortened version of a nickname for yourself or your blog. I’m more commonly known as “O,” while my podcasting partner in crime usually goes by “Ophelie,” but is sometimes easier known as just “the Bossy Pally.”

  3. You can keep the URL, but just change it to “The Not so New Noob Blog”.

  4. I’d keep the title too. It took me a minute but I figured it out! And after that hard minute of thinking I wouldn’t want to have that one minute wasted /grin

  5. I had a bit of trouble after ‘thenot’ bit but managed to sound it out ok in the end. I think it will be fine when people get used to the name. I remember Hydra had trouble with my name the first time too and then checked the pronunciation before my interview too 🙂

  6. I’d keep the title. Maybe it’s because I’m a not so new noob too but I could read it!

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