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Hats off!!!

I just wanted to post a quick HATS OFF to Diablo 3. Even though the launch was slightly rough, and some people were upset and such, this still was the kickoff of a great game. I have found myself quite easily immersed into the Diablo world and immensely enjoying it.

The game has been providing me with much pleasure and something that truly has brought me even more enjoyment is the humor. The little digs and funny moments in the game make it that much more entertaining for me. Things like the guy’s wife, who is actually deceased and when her head falls off and the guy says, Oh dear, she’s nodded off. Another the moment when Leah is telling the Templar that she has heard of him before and heard he was pleasant but was a lousy tipper and the Templar quickly saying we should move along faster. Just humorous moments that have brought some extra entertainment to the game.

Overall, this game is great. Great interface, awesome graphics,  a storyline that pulls you in and game play that keeps you coming back for more. I am certainly glad that I have entered into the Diablo 3 universe.


Oh, just a quick side note. The vote for the title of my blog is still ongoing and it’s a tight race. So put in your 2 cents and vote. You will find the poll in the post “What’s in a name”. Thanks.

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