In the Beginning…

So this is how it starts. My first step into a new and interesting realm. Seems not long ago, or I guess it was a few years, that I first opened the box with excited anticipation. I began my journey into the land of Azeroth,  back in the early days of the Burning Crusade expansion. I had lost my MMO virginity a year or so before that,  to Guild Wars, but this I could sense from the start was going to be different. 

   You can maybe sense from the title of my blog that I have been a pretty “casual” player. I put that word in quotes simply because I see it and hear it used with several varying definitions. My definition is basically,  being able to play whenever real life allows me to. Which in reality, isn’t a lot by my standards , although my wife might see it differently.  I work 2 jobs currently and it leaves me with short periods of play time, but I enjoy it while I can.

  I started this blog to give my thoughts, knowledge and hopefully wisdom to others about being a “casual” player and playing World of Warcraft.  Also to vent about issues or problems I see or hear.

So to begin, I would like to touch on the word “noob”.  For any non-gamers or people who may have never heard the word, it is defined quite simply. A Noob is a new player to a game, especially MMO’s .(Massively Multiplayer Online gaming) In most cases it is viewed as a negative word, meant to make a person feel inferior, unlearned,  unknowledgeable about the game and how it works. I and many ,many others view the word a little differently. We view it as a word that simply means you are new to the game and need to learn how to play it, and with time and peoples help, you will learn.

Although I have played on and off for a few years and have done many aspects of the game, I still consider myself a “noob” in many ways. After all we learn something new every day. I hope i can help you , the reader, to understand how it feels to be a noob to me and can learn from my thoughts and opinions.

In closing, just remember one import thing. At one time, everyone who plays World of Warcraft, was a NOOB!



PS: This is my first venture into blogging, so please, be gentle with me. After all, I’m a noob.


3 comments on “In the Beginning…

  1. This post just showed up in my RSS reader so I thought I would comment and send you my best wishes on your blog. This post looks a bit dated – I see 2012, but I hope you are doing well, are still having fun playing WoW and enjoy writing your blog.

  2. Great start Evil! ^.^

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